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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Episode 15: Order of the Stick

Listen Here, Then Vote!
In this episode, Nate Hasiak and Bronzethumb cast a live-action version of the popular webcomic Order of the Stick.
NOTES: Below are the polls, one per character. You decide which of them did the best job casting that role. Polls close shortly before episode 16 drops in the feed.

Who should play Roy Greenhilt?

Who should play Durkon Thundershield?

Who should play Haley Starshine?

Who should play Elan/Nale?

Who should play Varsuvius?

Who should play Belkar Bitterleaf?

Who should play Xykon?

Who should play Redcloak?

Who should play The Monster in the Darkness?

Who should play Sabine?

Who should play Thog?

Announcing the Winner of the Gender flipped Star Trek Casting Game

From the previous episode: The Cast of Star Trek (gender flipped).

As Jean Kirk: Katee Sackhoff. Winner: Eliza
As Spock: Emily Deschanel Winner: Eliza
As Heather McCoy: Tie. Since Emily Deschanel already won for Spock, the role goes to Amy Acker. Winner: Eliza
As Ji-Un Sulu: Grace Park. Winner: DDog
As Nina Scott: Catherine Tate. Winner: DDog
As Colt Uhura: Leonard Roberts. Winner: Eliza
As Irina Chekov: Carey Mulligan. Winner: DDog
As Tyler Rand: Ryan Gosling. Winner: DDog
As Justine Rand: Neil Patrick Harris. Winner: DDog

Final Score: Eliza, 4. DDog, 5. Winner: DDog.

Since DDog won, the movie will be directed by his choice of director, Christopher Nolan.

Hollywood, make this movie! ;-)