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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Episode #1: Star Trek New Frontier

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In this episode, I double as as panel member due to someone else's hard drive failure, and join Bronzethumb from Australia in casting the movie for Peter David's Star Trek New Frontier series.
In this episode we cast for the characters Mackenzie Calhoun, Burgoyne 172, Soleta, Mark McHenry, Zak Kebron, and Si Cwan.
NOTES: In the show I accidentally refer to the actor Tyler Mane as Taylor Mane.
Below are the polls, one per character. You decide which of us did the best job casting that role. The winners of the poll will be announced on Episode #3 of The Casting Game. Click on the names of the actors to see a picture in case the name isn't familiar. I also apologize for the appearance of this page. For some reason I just could not make the polls all line up and look neat, no matter how hard I tried. And I tried for days. Grr. Anyway, Polls close 11:59 PM MST on July 9th.

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