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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Announcing the Winner of the Crystal Shard Casting Game

From the previous episode: The Cast of The Crystal Shard.

As Drizzt Do'Urden: Zachary Quinto. Winner: Michael
As Bruenor Battlehammer: Tie goes to the guest. Robbie Coltrane. Winner: Michael
As Catti-brie: Tie goes to the guest. Felicia Day. Winner: Michael
As Wulfgar: Justin Hartley. Winner: Michael
As Regis: Daniel Radcliffe. Winner: Michael
As Akar Kessel: Adrien Brody. Winner: Arkle
As Artemis Entreri: Michael Shanks. Winner: Arkle

Final Score: Arkle, 2. Michael Falkner, 5. Winner: Michael Falkner.

Since Michael won, the "movie" will be directed by his choice of director, Kyle Newman.

Photoshoppers, get to work making a poster. ;-)

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