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Friday, August 6, 2010

Announcing the Winner of the CSI 4 Casting Game

From the previous episode: The Cast of the 4th CSI show.

As Team Leader: Geoffrey Rush as Patrick Stone. Winner: Tosus
As the Detective: Portia de Rossi as Samanatha Nicholson. Winner: Tosus
As the DNA Tech: Felicia Day as Natalie Archer. Winner: Bronzethumb
As Audio/Video: Alan Tudyk as Jay Hilton. Winner: Tosus
As Ballistics: Craig Horner as Corey Chan. Winner: Tosus
As Trace Analysis: Summer Glau as Danielle "Dani" Sparks. Winner: Bronzethumb
As the Coroner: Lucy Lawless as Laura Savage. Winner: Tosus

Final Score: Bronzethumb, 2. Tosus, 5. Winner: Tosus

Since Tosus won, the "series" will be in his city of choice, Brisbane, Australia, and the The Who song for the theme will be, Pinball Wizard.

Photoshoppers, get to work making a poster. ;-)

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