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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Announcing the Winner of the Murder at Avedon Hill Casting Game

From the previous episode: The Cast of Murder at Avedon Hill.

As Arames Kragen: Liam Neeson. Winner: P.G.
As Arrin: Tie goes to the guest. Garret Hedlund Winner: P.G.
As Father Jorrus: Tie goes to the guest. Bill Nighy. Winner: P.G.
As Lane Niccols: Jennifer Connelly. Winner: P.G.
As Lord Avedon: Tie goes to the guest. Brian Cox. Winner: P.G.
As Richard Avedon: Aaron Johnson. Winner: P.G.
As Talik Bore: Mark Addy. Winner: P.G.
As Cousin Red: Chris Cooper. Winner: P.G.
As Cletus: Ray Winstone. Winner: P.G.
As Head Constable Louis: Tie goes to the guest. William Hurt Winner: P.G.
As Jilly Hemming: Abbie Cornish. Winner: Arkle
As Sarah Tremaine: Christina Hendricks. Winner: P.G.
As Gloria Platt: Helen Mirren. Winner: P.G.
As Constable Ulrich: Karl Urban. Winner: Arkle
As Herrjarr: Tie goes to the guest. Kevin Durand. Winner: P.G.
As Rondellus Marx: Ron Perlman. Winner: P.G.

Final Score: P.G., 14. Arkle, 2. Winner: P.G. Holyfield.

Since P.G. won, the movie will be directed by his choice of director, Alfonso Cuaron.

Hollywood, make this movie! ;-)

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