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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Episode #14: Gender-flipped Star Trek: The Original Series

Listen Here, Then Vote!
In this episode, DDog and Miss Eliza Sea cast a gender-0flipped version of the original Star Trek.
NOTES: Below are the polls, one per character. You decide which of us did the best job casting that role. Polls close early the day before episode 15 drops in the feed.
Also, the panelists were asked to come up with their own feminized/neutral first names for the characters (or masculinized/neutral names in the cases of Uhura, Rand, and Chapel). I figured that would make things more interesting.

Who should play Kirk?

Who should play Spock?

Who should play McCoy?

Who should play Sulu?

Who should play Scotty?

Who should play Uhura?

Who should play Chekov?

Who should play Rand?

Who should play Chapel?

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